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The Founder and President

Path Int’l Instructor:


Babs Galkowski, has devoted her life to this program since she was a child. She spent several years working with troubled youth on the streets of Seattle down to Portland and Ventura, Ca.  and was an assistant youth pastor for awhile. As a teenager she worked at Little Bit Therapy program in Woodinville, Wa and was amazed by the response and recovery of disabled children. She is a Path Int’l Instructor and also volunteers at Miracles In Motion in Swisher, Ia.

Babs has several children with disabilities and she herself has had a stroke and broke her back. She has worked past severe anxiety  and has had a 99% recovery all because of God and her  trusted equine companion Sapphire. Horse riding brought her out of a brace and wheelchair. Babs has a lot of experience caring for children with autism, ADHD, sensory disorders, mental health challenges and dyslexia.

Babs homeschools her children and enjoys spending time with her family. They also show rabbits and of course spend a lot of time with horses.

The passion for horses, God, healing and children have brought her to starting her dream in August 2014. Without the help of our small Shellsburg town as well as Benton County she wouldn’t be able to do this. She is very grateful for all the support and is excited for the future.

Our Vice President

Regan Vannostrand

Youth Director

Marshall Galkowski is our youth director that facilitates and focus on programs involving churches, Youth Mental Health Programs through Iowa States Programs. Marshall was a youth pastor and has a passion for teens and at risk youth with behavioral problems.

 Assistant Youth Director

Sadie Novotny


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