Youth Ranch

Our  Youth Ranch program gives youth a chance to work with horses.  It is open to social service programs, foster/adopted kids, and youth that are going through a hard time.  We provide one on one sessions or group sessions. We provide amazing volunteers and horses that are trained to work with a variety of youth. From problem solving skills, games, trust building and trail rides every kid has a great time here at Rocket Ministries.

Other services Youth Ranch offers is foster parenting/child bonding and adoptive family bonding. We also offer programs for prospective adoptive children to work with the families in a fun environment building trust, skills and bonding with horses and you.

Babs is a Path certified instructor and works with Mental Health and Adoptive/Foster children.

Youth will work with the horses on the ground and then work up to riding. They may also have responsibilities of caring and cleaning up after a horse.

Youth wanting to ride can do so after proving they can be manageable, controllable and listen to directions as well as being safe. Youth are welcome to volunteer around the farm at anytime as well groom horses and cleaning stable areas.

2016 RM Official Reg form

2016 Rocket Ministries Release Form

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