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Farm and Family Vet   Brooklyn, Ia











Pizza Ranch

Wild Cat Golf Course

Boyer Farms

Kaplan Farms

Beatty Farms

Lifetime Fencing

Kickin Z Stables

My Volunteers:)


Taking care of all these animals is hard work and costs a lot. We do everything we can to reduce costs including growing some fodder in the winter months. Though we have some great people give us discounts on services we still have bills to pay and hungry mouths to feed. We are always looking for pasture and hay.


Donating money is always appreciated and you can donate any amount here.

Or Contact us for billing options on recurrent options.

You can also mail checks to

Rocket Ministries

6609 30th Ave Dr

Shellsburg, Ia 52332

(This is only a mailing address and not the location of the farm)


Other things we need are…

Hay must be less than 2 years old and mold free. Any kind is fine.

Straw or bedding

Horse Tack


Grooming Supplies

Boots and riding attire of various sizes

Show clothes for our horse shows

Buckets and general horse supplies

Fencing Equipment


Farm equipment like tractor, hay baling machines

Horse Trailer