Sponsor A Horse

Our horses are a valuable but expensive part of our ministry. We couldn’t do this without them. Each one has a story and each one connects to someone differently. We are always looking for well-broke, kid and adult safe horses. Please consider sponsoring a horse today. It can be a one time gift, monthly or yearly gift of any amount. If you would like to send a monthly gift of any amount please either mention it with your payment or contact us Babs@rocketministries.com and we can send you monthly invoices or set up a monthly plan. If you are close by, we welcome you to visit your sponsored horse and even go on a half-hour ride once a month for any gifts over $50. If you are unable to do so, but would like to donate your ride please email us and we will donate it to someone who can’t afford to ride. We appreciate everyone’s help in making our program a reality.

Many of our horses were rescued. Just like us, sometimes these guys need rescuing as well. Behind the sad eyes of neglect many of these horses were once loved and need someone to love them again. These rescued horses work wonderfully for some of the services we offer. We make it a priority to keep safe horses and work with them daily to learn their personalities.


Rocket is a cute pony/horse mix. He works with kids and the journey class. Hopefully will become a riding horse in 2016! He is leased to RM




Sapphire is a sweet girl but misunderstood mare. She is enjoying her new life here at the farm and loves attention.  Sapphire is Babs’ personal horse and is leased to RM.

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Apache is a fun little pony who belongs to Sarah. Apache is ridden by older children in independent riding lessons and also for lead-line therapy lessons. He is leased to RM.


Scout He does it all and loves kids! He is one of Rm favorites! Scout gets a gold start for doing therapy and lessons. He does english and western. His favorite thing is little people.


Strawberry  is a Miniature horse that loves kids, attention and being ridden. Strawberry goes to fundraisers and birthday parties. She was donated.


Noah is a cute dun. He does therapy riding and Lessons.


Mercy is a cute Shetland pony without a lot of attitude. She is a therapy and lesson horse.




Yankee is a Missouri Fox Trotter and is a therapy and lesson horse.