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Do you or do you know someone who wants a horse experience like no other?

10922650_4966941428084_6970381215612464808_n - CopyHere at Rocket Ministries we combine the powerful healing motion and love of a horse with its rider and watch miracles happen. Therapeutic riding is for anyone one with physical, cognitive and  developmental impairments. its also for anyone who has emotional or mental challenges, ADD, ADHD, ODD and more. We utilize exercises, games, sensory objects and combine life experiences to help mold and grow your child. It is incredible how riding a horse can improve so much.  We have seen children come in who couldn’t talk start to talk and children who are insecure or immobile begin to find themselves in new ways. The ability to control a huge animal that is so gentle empowers people and helps them find new ways to challenge themselves, improve and THRIVE!

10850079_744522878967726_4551266560194369214_n - CopyOur compassionate team of volunteers and teachers have worked together to provide goals for the student as well as a safe and loving environment. We can also work with the students current therapists if you would like. Our lessons always start as lead line lessons with volunteers and side walkers. Many children’s goals are to be able to ride independently and we work towards that goal. At then end of classes our volunteers get together and discuss each lesson and find ways to improve it and help each person reach there goals. 10440225_4709168103912_1921583047685497872_n - Copy

Babs Galkowski is a Path Intl’l Instructor (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) and holds the highest accredited therapeutic certification there is. She works closely with each student but also has the gift to understand them. Having 3 special needs children herself she knows a lot about disabilities and sensory processing.  Her extensive knowledge has enabled students to thrive at Rocket Ministries.becca here

If the student wants to groom and tack their horse with assistance, they must arrive 10 min early and let us know in advance that this is what they would like to do.

Classes are 30 min long. Babs has developed a 30 min lesson that helps the brain process and then come to a closure for each lesson. In past experience she has realized that 45 min classes are too much stimulation for the child and causes meltdowns and the ability to not process correctly.

Each lesson has a warm up period, goal and then processing time. Babs is very flexible at changing plans and trying to engage the students depending on behaviors and needs at the time. She is good at tuning into the student and recognizing melt downs and when they have reached the processing point.

We encourage all students to purchase their own riding helmet that meets our requirements. We can order very light weight helmets in black, purple or white in 3 sizes for $35. *We do keep a selection of loaner helmets on hand to use while helmets are on order or if the student cannot afford to buy one immediately.12042691_10154280969619057_5268644599061608222_n

Shoes or boots with a 1″ heel (no steel toes) are required. We keep a few pairs to loan out, but the sizes are limited. Call ahead.

Po Box 30 Shellsburg, Ia 52332

To Register for classes fill out the form and email or mail them to us. 

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