Many of us have challenges we face in life and sometimes we need an extra step to help us along the way. We offer a program for families and individuals that may need to work on self improvement, healing, grief, loss, mental health issues like depression, anxiety or emotional challenges. We can do faith-based programs or non-faith-based.  We also have a counselor that can work with you as well if desired. We provide loving equine companions and a good listening ear as well as many personal experiences to share along the way.   Everyone has a story, everyone has pain or hit a spot in life that has been challenging — you are not alone! Please contact us to start your personal journey and a new chapter in your life.

What does a Journey look like?

p3  We will start with basic horse skills. Grooming, brushing and spending time with the animal. The best part is there are no weight restrictions and it is individualized.

Over a period of time you may walk the horse, go over obstacle courses together, lunge and train the animal and go on walks through trails. Many of our horses are rescues and need a lot of TLC and hands on touching. Through horse experiences you will grow, cry, laugh, and heal. It is amazing what working with horses will do for the soul. 11401005_10200521189068981_5816939293608670828_n

Eventually, riding the equine is a possibility if you are within the 240-pound weight limit. We tailor the lessons to you and your skill level. We may push you if we believe you are able to do something and challenge you to overcome and welcome any feelings and emotions you have.

Babs Galkowski is a certified Path Instructor and has knowledege on working with mental health and how amazing it is. She has experienced anxiety and depression in her life and now is lifted up by lifting others up. She works with many youth as well and programs that work with youth and mental health.

Classes cost a Minimum of $15. Please consider donating more so we can continue on with this program.  They run for 6 weeks and are 45 minutes long. Y10644983_4611647985970_1231686403050611808_n - Copyou are welcome to come out for a visit and meet us before you sign up.  For more information on our fees and classes and/or to register please go here:


Training will require a helmet and we encourage everyone to purchase their own. We can order a nice lightweight one for $35 in white, black or purple.

To register for lessons:

Many of our students get enjoyment volunteering as well. If you are interested in volunteering go here:  RMVolunteerForm